Elite Girls Player Development in Massachusetts

The FC Boston girls program is a result of the former Scorpions Soccer Club merging with the former FC Greater Boston Bolts. The club name is now FC Boston, the girls teams are nicknamed Scorpions. FC Boston is separated into 6 regional development centers in Massachusetts.
FC Boston is fortunate and proud to have membership in the two most prestigious youth soccer leagues in the United States, the Elite Club National League (ECNL) and the National Premier League (NPL).  All other FC Boston girls teams play in New England's top league, the New England Premiership (NEP). 
The ECNL is both the most challenging youth soccer playing environment and the 'go to' college recruiting platform across the US. Playing in the ECNL is widely considered a stamp of approval for colleges.  The ECNL showcases are swarming with college representation, the games are played at a very high level. 
The NPL is also a high level of play that is very well respected and the next best recruiting platform for colleges. FC Boston ECNL and NPL teams travel together.  Typically NPL and ECNL teams have 5 home and 5 away weekends of league play and there will also be (4 games ECNL, 2 games NPL) played locally vs. other Massachusetts teams.  
FC Boston is also happy to enter our 'Regional' teams (Boston area, 'East' of Boston (Braintree), North of Boston, Metrowest of Boston, Central Mass and South of Boston) in the NEP.  The NEP has become an institution in New England with membership being prized. It is a great home with excellent competition for our teams for many years now and many players on these teams will play in college. 
FC Boston team selection goes in this order:
ECNL (top 16-22)
NPL (next 16-22)
NEP Regional teams (Elite, Premier, Royal). 
ECNL and NPL teams train in areas central to the (North, South, West) Regions to accommodate players from multiple areas. 
Regional teams train in areas within their geographic region. 
Players can, and are, moved up when they demonstrate ability for a higher level.  Teams often use players from other teams to fill in for injuries/absences as well.